Chelsea Chen CD

Eastern Treasures: A Collection of Asian Folk Songs for Organ and Violin

Chelsea Chen, organ, Lewis Wong, violin

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"Eastern Treasures" is an album that draws on Chen's active collaboration with violinist Lewis Wong. All of the music (except the final "bonus" track, the popular Arioso from Bach's Cantata, BWV 156) is based on Asian folk songs, many of them arranged by Chen. Works for organ solo, violin solo, and organ plus violin are included. One work, Chen's very brief Jasmine Fantasy, also includes a part for string orchestra (played by the Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra under the direction of Rebecca Tong). This is a pleasant and genial album that would appeal to anybody who enjoys Asian folk music. The heavily pentatonic sound world risks aural fatigue, but is mitigated by the variety of timbres involved. Wong and Chen are both excellent musicians who play together with skill and enthusiasm.

Carson Cooman, Fanfare

    1. Rice Dumplings - Zhang Qiu-dong Song (1903-1959)
    2. Spring Breeze - Deng Yu-Xien (1906-1944), arr. C. Chen
    3. Three Children's Songs (traditional), arr. Wong
    4. Jasmine - (traditional), arr. Kitamura
    5. Hills in the Springtime - Chen Qui-Lin (1911-1992)
    6. Moonlight Blue - Deng Yu-Xien (1906-1944)
    7. Four Seasons - Deng Yu-Xien (1906-1944), arr. C. Chen
    8. The Cradle Song - Lu Quan-Sheng (1916-2007)
    9. The Country Farmer - Su Tong (1910-1976), arr. C. Chen
    10. Mountain of Youth - Su Tong arr. C. Chen
    11. Haruga Kita (Springtime Has Come)
    12. Oborozukiyo (Hazy Moon)
    13. Hamabeno Uta (Song of the Seashore)
    14. Makkana Aki (Red Autumn)
    15. Fuyugeshiki (Winter Scenery)
    16. Omoide (Memories) / Kitamura
    17. Jasmine Fantasy C.Chen (live concert)
    18. Arioso / J.S. Bach, arr. Sam Franko